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Hello, and welcome.  My name is Mike Burman.   Death and injury law is all I do.  It's what I love to do.

But for you or your loved one, this is a difficult time.  You have questions.  You want honest answers.  And that is my share my 25+ years of experience by helping you:

  • understand your rights
  • understand how long your case will take
  • plan for your future
  • achieve a just solution

You need no money to hire me.  All fees and expenses will be in writing.  Once you hire me, you have unlimited access to me and my staff.  Please click Contact forms to reach me, or chat with the on-screen assistant so my office can communicate with you and find out what you need.

I hope you will contact me.

Let me tell you a little more about Burman Law and what we do....

We have handled cases throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.  We maintain offices in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee.  Our case values range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. 

We don't pay for expensive Tv ads.  This allows us to charge less than most Tv lawyers.  For example, I had a client in 2022 who hired me after consulting a Tv lawyer.  I saved that client over $70,000 in fees when I concluded that client's case.  So, you can now see why lawyers on Tv have so many commercials.

My Google reviews total 5 out of 5.  These reviews come from actual clients.  Judge for yourself how hard we work.  Case value is only as good as case preparation.

My settlement rate is over 90%, which means that 9 times out of 10, you will authorize me to settle your case because you are happy with the settlement offer.  And if you are not happy, then I will file suit and we will go to Court prepared to tell the jury what happened.  I have successfully litigated cases against GEICO, State Farm, and Walmart to name a few.

Our Burman Law Client Portal is free.  The portal allows access 24/7/365, with easy upload and download to keep you informed about your case.  Our clients tell us they love it.

The paralegals at Burman Law average 15+ years of experience.  Our clients tell us all the time how well we treat them.  The refrigerator in our kitchen is covered with thank-you notes.      

We use our experience and energy to work for you, that is the bottom line.  And we do it in a caring way because... 25+ years teaches you more than just the law.

Contact us, and let's show you how we handle what is important to you.

I look forward to getting to know the person behind your case.



The real difference is how we make it easy for you to work with us.

Once you hire us, you will notice we get our "arms around" your case.  You will notice how we answer all your questions and enroll you in the Burman Law Client Portal.  We give you text numbers and email addresses and help with all the necessary paperwork.  

As your case moves forward, you will notice we combine technology with "old-fashioned" service to keep you informed.  We never sell your private information.  We are completely self-funded for all expenses from beginning to end.

You never pay us a dime to handle your case until the case is won.  Whether you are one block from our offices, or hundreds of miles away, we can move your case forward.  Contact us when you are ready to move forward.


We are a personal injury and wrongful death law firm for cases in Kentucky and Tennessee.  We have "on-call" relationships with a wide variety of experts, including other lawyers, to handle any variation of any type of personal injury or wrongful death case.  Here are some examples of the cases we handle:


  • Personal automobiles
  • Semi-trucks and trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Government vehicles
  • Commercial vans
  • Pedestrians
  • 4-wheelers
  • Utility vehicles
  • Street light defects
  • Highway construction sites
  • Crosswalks


  • Automobile liability insurance
  • Homeowner's insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Hospital liens
  • Doctor liens
  • ERISA subrogation and reimbursement 


  • Workers' compensation involving death or very serious injury
  • On the job injuries caused by third parties


  • Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other specialties
  • Military doctors 
  • VA facilities


  • Trips, slips and falls of all types
  • Commercial property injuries 


We never charge you to consider your case.  In most cases, our fees to take your case are less expensive than what the Tv lawyers charge.  We never put any pressure on you, and you need no "up-front" money to hire us.  We will always put in writing exactly how we will charge case expenses and earn legal fees in your case.  At the conclusion of your case, you will receive a detailed statement of all money collected and all money disbursed, down to the penny. Contact us anytime.


Burman Law Recovery



Husband and Father-Electrocuted by machine purchased in Italy and wired at the United State plant site.



Father, husband, and motorcyclist tragically killed by an inattentive driver. The defense attempted to argue my motorcyclist client was speeding.



An 18-year-old driver killed coming home from school by a careless semi-truck driver in red light dispute. Policy limits recovered.



Farm employee stepped on a faulty plank in the barn, hitting ground causing death. The case turned down by another lawyer.



Undocumented immigrants struck by Sheriff's vehicle



Wife and mother killed in collision with a rescue vehicle


Burman Law's Practice Areas

“For more than 25 years, I’ve started my day helping people win personal injury and wrongful death cases. It is all I do. It is what I love to do. If you want straight talk about how to right a wrong, then I am here to help you take the next step.”

– Mike Burman, Attorney