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Wrongful Death Overview

Wrongful Death Overview

"I am a trial lawyer with over 25 years experience in wrongful death cases. I know what you face. I am here to serve."  Mike Burman

 What  Are the Beginning Steps to a Wrongful Death Case?

Contact Burman Law as soon as possible.  Quick action is usually required.  We will help you save all the information you hear or see.  Photos, closed-circuit TV, witnesses, notes, and official investigations.   Be careful about anything put on social media.  At the beginning of the case, Burman Law will ask the probate court to appoint a legal representative for the wrongful death estate.  Burman Law can handle all probate matters and help get control of unforeseen bills.  

Burman Law will discuss practical solutions to the responsibilities and realities faced by the survivors.  Through the Burman Law Client Portal, you will have 24/7 access to important information and documentation.  Communication across the portal is prompt and secure.

How is the Wrongful Death Investigation Conducted?

Burman Law will immediately head up a thorough investigation.  This investigation will work with you, focusing on: (1) what happened, (2) why it happened, (3) who caused it, and (4) the preservation of evidence.  Burman Law will engage experts as needed to secure any evidence that might otherwise be lost, and look for hidden clues.

What Compensation is Recovered in a “Wrongful Death” Case?

A case for “wrongful death” recovers money to make up for the harms and losses caused to the deceased and to certain survivors of the deceased.  Burman Law knows how to document these harms and losses. Pain and suffering, loss of love and affection, medical and funeral expenses, and lost income and earnings make up some of the harms and losses but each type of harm and loss is documented differently.  If the death is caused by extreme carelessness, then special damages for punitive conduct can be recovered.  

How Much Time Do You Have to Pursue a “Wrongful Death” Case?

In Kentucky and Tennessee, you generally have one year from the date of death.  Do not wait until the last minute to contact a lawyer about pursuing a wrongful death case.

What Are the Legal Fees to Hire Burman Law in a “Wrongful Death” Case?

You do not need any up front money for fees or costs.  Burman Law fees are based on a percentage of 1/3 if the case is settled without a lawsuit, 35% if the case is settled during a lawsuit, and 40% if a trial starts.  We can make immediate arrangements to visit at your kitchen table, in the hospital, or at the office within 24 hours of your contact.