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Death On Job

"Your loved one said goodbye and went to work. Your loved one did not come back home. Now what do you do? Who is responsible? How can you keep this from happening to someone else's loved one?  I handle cases involving wrongful death at work.  Mike Burman

What Does Attorney Mike Burman Offer:
  • 25+ Years in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law
  • Friendly Staff with Experience
  • Easy to Use Client Portal
  • Regular Updates on Your Case
  • In Depth Knowledge of Insurance 
  • Knows the Court System
  • Licensed to Practice in all Kentucky or Tennessee Courts
Let Us Begin a Plan of Action:
  • Answer all Your Questions
  • Learn About Your Injury
  • Preserve Critical Evidence
  • Pay Bills
  • Replace Lost Income
  • Compensate for Pain and Suffering
  • Resolve Liens 
What Fees and Costs are Involved?

You need no money to hire me. I am paid a reasonable fee out of the money paid to resolve your case.  The decision to resolve your case is always yours to make.  I work for you.  All fees and costs will be transparent, upfront and in writing.   

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