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Semi-truck And Trailer Accident And Injury Cases

Semi-truck And Trailer Accident And Injury Cases

Semi-Truck and Trailer Cases

When you are injured in a semi-truck and trailer collision, you want a lawyer who understands the physics and anatomy of motor vehicle injury.  Why?  Because a personal automobile weighs around 4,000 pounds.  A fully loaded semi-truck and trailer can legally weigh 80,000 pounds.  Motorcycles usually weighs less than 1,000 pounds, so the risk of personal injury or death is even higher.  These differences in weight and size increase the extent of injury and the risk of death.  Burman Law Attorney, Mike Burman has 25+ years experience demonstrating to insurance adjusters and juries, the medical causation issues associated with motor vehicle injury.

Semi-Truck and Trailer Injury Cases Require a Lawyer Who Understands How the “Rules of the Road” Work in Trucking Cases.

To reduce truck related injury or death, stringent “rules of the road” apply to truck drivers and trucking companies.  Compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Act, and regulations from the Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Administration are designed to reduce injuries and deaths caused by semi-truck and trailer negligence.  In addition, numerous Kentucky and Tennessee state regulations demand safety from truck drivers and trucking companies.  But some truck drivers and employers take shortcuts with safety.  When a negligent semi-truck driver carelessly causes an injury or death, the rules of the road have likely been broken or ignored.  Action is required, or the “rules of the road” are meaningless. At Burman Law, we take action. We know how to apply the rules of the road that control truck drivers and truck companies.  Burman Law Attorney, Mike Burman, is member of the American Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.  Burman Law Attorney, Mike Burman, attends yearly training in this area of the law.

What is the Best Way Forward?

Ask questions. Get answers. At Burman Law, we will

To repair or replace your vehicle

To pay your medical bills

To pay your lost wages

To find out what happened

To hold the truck driver and employer responsible

Breaking the Rules of the Road Must Hold Consequences

Violating the rules of the road is serious. Truck drivers and truck companies must be held accountable. Critical evidence must be preserved before it is destroyed, lost or fades away. Working with your doctors, Burman Law Attorney, Mike Burman, determines exactly what part of your body is injured and how these injuries will affect you in the future so your harms and losses are understood and receive a proper valuation by the insurance adjuster. Burman Law Attorney, Mike Burman, personally visits the scene of every case involving wrongful death or a serious personal injury  to determine what experts are needed to preserve and develop the evidence. Depending on case needs,  trusted, competent experts are hired and paid by Burman Law. These experts have education and proven skills in brain injury, orthopedics, neurosurgery, truck maintenance, accident reconstruction, and forensic science.