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Should I Go to Trial or Settle?

by Michael Burman

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You should go to trial after careful consideration, with your lawyer advising you, of the risks and benefits.  This is not a decision you must make overnight.  Like any major decision, get all the facts, ask lots of questions and sleep on it.

Here are some considerations that generally cause a case to go to trial:

  • The settlement offer is too low.
  • A favorable outcome above the amount offered to settle is likely.
  • There are fact question about legal responsibility for the Jury to decide.
  • The defense lawyers cannot agree on who should pay and how much.

Here are some considerations that generally cause a case to settle:

  • The settlement offer is within the range of reasonable outcomes.
  • The defense has done a good job tearing down the Plaintiff's case.
  • The Plaintiff simply needs to get the case over and done.
  • The Plaintiff cannot risk getting less than the amount offered in settlement.

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