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by Michael Burman

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The Burman Law Client Portal is easy to set up and use.  The portal allows messages and documents to flow back and forth.  When a message or document is added to the portal, a text message and email go to the client.

Portal activation usually occurs when the case begins, but a client can start using the Burman Law Client Portal at any time.  Email for assistance with activation or error messages.  For more information on how the portal works, click PORTAL: A Great Tool for Burman Law Clients.

email and sharefile

For email addresses to specific staff, click YOUR TEAM.  To send or receive documents outside the Burman Law Client Portal, request a Sharefile link.


Click CONTACT MIKE to learn about phone numbers during and after business hours.

“Getting What You Need Is All About Communicating What You Want”

At Burman Law, no question is stupid or unimportant. Get that out of your mind. Burman Law works for you. Your question will receive a timely and honest answer.  When communicating with us, short and sweet is better than long and complex.  The sooner a problem is brought to our attention, the sooner we can implement a plan of action.

Lack of communication can weaken a case. Good communication builds a case. At Burman Law, we  learn from 25+ years of experience, and our clients learn from us.

About RedStone Law

Mike is a death and injury lawyer with 25+ years of experience helping hundreds of accident victims against at-fault drivers and commercial operators of all types. Other lawyers often call Mike for advice with their personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits. Once you begin your free case evaluation with Mike, you will know the legal advice is coming from an experienced attorney who knows the law and wants to help you overcome a difficult situation in your life.

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