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Personal Injury Overview

Personal Injury Overview

This article presents a general overview of a personal injury case. Four Necessary Elements.

1 Steps to Take

2 Case Value

3 Time Limitations

4 Fees

What is a “personal injury" case and how does Burman Law approach it?  

Every personal injury case has four key elements: (1) an injury, (2) caused  by the carelessness of another person, (3) insurance or assets available to pay for the harms and losses caused by the injury, and (4) a good relationship between client and lawyer.

At Burman Law, each personal injury case begins by building a good relationship.  We listen.  We discover what has “changed.”  Some changes are obvious.  A broken bone is easily seen on x-ray, while a head injury may not be diagnosed for months.  An injury can take a person off work for several weeks, but how does the same injury affect the ability to work over several years?  How does the law address these injuries?  What foundation is necessary to build a strong, winning case?

What to do next? What to expect?

Get answers.  Burman Law attorney, Mike Burman, has 25+ years experience in personal injury law and trial practice.  Contact Mike from this website or call.  Mike will answer all your questions and develop a written Plan of Action cutomized to your case.  You need no money to hire Mike and all fees and costs will be explained in writing.

Burman Law builds a strong case foundation upon a thorough, cost effective, case investigation to gather evidence.  This investigation focuses on: (1) what happened, (2) why it happened, (3) who caused it, and (4) the preservation of evidence.

How does Burman Law value a case?

Case value is another factor in a good relationship between lawyer and client.  At some point, harms and losses receive a dollar value.  That value is unique to each case.  The Burman Law Client Portal allows clients who join 24/7 access to key parts of their case.

Insurance companies use sophisticated software applications to evaluate claims.  At Burman Law, Mike and his staff undergo continuous training on determining case value.  Burman Law uses software applications, personally customized by Attorney Mike Burman, to settle cases.  Most cases are settled out of court.

How much time do you have before a personal injury case expires?

Personal injury claims expire over time.  Many personal injury cases have a 1 year time limitation in which to file a case, so do not delay finding out how much time to pursue a case.  If you fail to file within the time limitation, then the right to make a case is gone forever.  That is a tragic situation no lawyer can fix.

Where does Burman Law handle personal injury cases?

Burman Law handles cases throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.  Actual places where Burman Law has practiced injury or wrongful death cases include:

  • Tennessee Cities: Ashland City, Clarksville, Dover, Fort Campbell, Gallatin, Jackson, Springfield and Nashville.
  • Kentucky Cities: Cadiz, Fort Campbell, Elkton, Greenville, Guthrie, Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Murray, Oak Grove, Paducah, Pikeville, Lexington and Richmond.
  • Interstate I-24 from Paducah to Chattanooga
  • Interstate I-40 from Jackson to Nashville to Knoxville
  • Interstate I-65 from Louisville to Nashville
  • Interstate I-69 through Kentucky
  • Western Kentucky Parkway from Eddyville to Elizabethtown
  • Purchase Parkway from Fulton to Eddyville
  • Interstate I-75 through Kentucky and Tennessee

What does Burman Law charge?

No up front money is ever needed to hire Burman Law.  Fees are only paid if the case results in a recovery of money.  Burman Law fees are based on a percentage of 1/3 if the case is settled without a lawsuit, 35% if the case is settled during a lawsuit, and 40% if a trial starts.  We can make immediate arrangements to visit at your kitchen table, in the hospital, or at the office within 24 hours of your contact.