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Motorcycle Accident And Injury Cases

"I ride a motorcycle.  I understand first hand what you face on the road, and I know what to do when things go wrong."  Mike Burman

What Does Attorney Mike Burman Offer:
  • 25+ Years in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law
  • Friendly Staff with Experience
  • Easy to Use Client Portal
  • Regular Updates on Your Case
  • In Depth Knowledge of Insurance 
  • Knows the Court System
  • Licensed to Practice in all Kentucky or Tennessee Courts
Let Us Begin a Plan of Action:
  • Answer all Your Questions
  • Learn About Your Injury
  • Preserve Critical Evidence
  • Pay Bills
  • Replace Lost Income
  • Compensate for Pain and Suffering
  • Resolve Liens 
What Fees and Costs Are Involved?

You need no money to hire me. I am paid a reasonable fee out of the money paid to resolve your case.  The decision to resolve your case is always yours to make.  I work for you.  All fees and costs will be transparent, up front and in writing.   

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