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Medical Malpractice


Hello, my name is Mike Burman. Every week, someone contacts me to discuss medical malpractice.  To help with a medical malpractice discussion, this blog provides basic concepts and critical evidence common to most medical malpractice cases:

  • The No. 1 legal rule governing medical malpractice.
  • A bad result is not enough evidence. 
  • Real harms and losses make a winnable case.
  • Your case may help someone else.

Rule No. 1. 

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care professional acts or fails to act according to accepted health care standards.   

More Than Just a Bad Medical Result.

To prove Rule No. 1. was broken, we must establish two main facts: (1) the specific accepted standard of medical practice applicable to the patient, and (2) breaking the standard caused harms and losses to the patient.  It is not enough that the medical professional rendered treatment that did not go as planned.  Health care professionals who follow accepted standards of medical practice, are not responsible for a poor result.  Complications can cause a poor result.  A patient with multiple health problems does not heal as well as a patient with no previous health problems.  Some medical malpractice cases are obvious: (a) the wrong arm or leg is amputated, (b) the wrong medication is given, (c) the patient is dropped on the floor, and (d) the patient undergoes dangerous treatment without consent.  

Real Harms and Losses.

Winnable medical malpractice cases require good evidence that shows life-long physical pain, emotional pain, permanent loss of functioning, or death.  In most winnable cases, there is a signficant event that clearly defines where things went wrong.  Burman Law handles serious medical malpractice cases that involve more than a million dollars in harms and losses.

No Pressure - No Upfront Fees.

You need no "upfront money" to hire Burman Law.   Burman Law is paid a reasonable fee from the money paid to resolve your case.  The decision to resolve your case is always yours to make.  Burman Law works for you.  Should you decided to trust Burman Law with your case, all fees and costs and case expenses will be transparent, upfront, and in writing. We keep detailed records of all case expenses as the case progresses.  "For twenty-five plus years, I have accounted for every penny of money for my clients." 

"Thank you for your trust."  Mike Burman at Burman Law.

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