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Jeanne Miller Recommends Michael Burman

Dear Mike,
Here is what I have to say and should have sent to you and thanked you in writing a long time ago. As we still struggle every day to make sense of why this happened we very much appreciated the help you and your staff extended us at all times throughout the whole process.
Through a tragedy we found Burman Law Office to not just be a Law Office. They were more than that – they were kind, considerate, and very understanding. They helped us make the right decisions for all concerned and guided us throughout a process that we had no idea how to handle. They seemed to understand and respect the fact that we were in so much pain from the loss of our child, and yet they were in a State we ourselves had only driven through a few times in our lives. It has been almost three years since the accident and we are still in contact with them and one of their staff has been such a godsend to us. Her friendship means so much to me and yet she didn't have to even acknowledge us once the legal matters were resolved. Mr Burman's thoroughness and professionalism, as well as each person there that we dealt with, was superb to say the least. And they made us feel this was personal to them as well, and when you grieve from the loss of a child there is nothing that can ever be more personally devastating to anyone. The first time I spoke with Mr Burman, he gave me his personal cell phone number to call anytime. We were so pleased that our daughter's case mattered that much to him – that he was taking it that personal by giving us his number. I am sorry we needed their services, but I am not sorry we chose them to handle everything. I would, without the slightest hesitation, recommend Mike Burman, DeDe, Brandi, and all the staff at Burman Law Office to handle any case you may need them for.
May God Bless you all for your caring and compassion

– Jeanne Miller