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Posted by Michael Burman | Aug 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

You should go to trial after careful consideration, with your lawyer advising you, of the risks and benefits.  This is not a decision you must make overnight.  Like any major decision, get all the facts, ask lots of questions and sleep on it: Here are some considerations that generally cause a case to go to trial:
  1.   The settlement offer is too low.
  2.   A favorable outcome above the amount offered to settle is likely.
  3.  There are fact question about legal responsibility for the Jury to decide.
  4.  The defense lawyers cannot agree on who should pay and how much.
Here are some considerations that generally cause a case to settle:
  1.  The settlement offer is within the range of reasonable outcomes.
  2.  The defense has done a good job tearing down the Plaintiff's case.
  3.  The Plaintiff simply needs to get the case over and done.
  4.  The Plaintiff cannot risk getting less than the amount offered in settlement.

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