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PRO BONO: Free Service

"Hi, my name is Mike Burman and I am a lawyer who handles personal injury and wrongful death cases in Tennessee and Kentucky.  I also handle "pro bono" cases."  Mike Burman

What Kind of Situation Involves a Pro Bono Case?

Pro bono means the case is accepted by a lawyer for the public good. In a pro bono case, the lawyer takes no fee for the work done in the case. So, in that sense, a pro bono lawyer is a free lawyer.  But there is something more.

I take pro bono cases because I am thankful to be an American. I am grateful for my license to practice law in Kentucky and Tennessee, but most of all, I find real satisfaction in helping people who work for a living.

Sometimes people who work all day (or night) cannot access the lawyer they need, or, the budget just won't allow for legal fees.

That is why I take pro bono cases at no charge from time to time. I tend to take pro bono cases for working people, retired working people, veterans, active-duty military, or people disabled from work. The case must be for a just cause, and it must be a case where I believe my professional skills can make a positive impact.

The Pro Bono Cases I Have Taken Involve:
  • Workers wrongfully terminated
  • Tenants mistreated by their landlords
  • Homeowners cheated by the seller or real estate agent, and other types of cases affecting people who work to make a living