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Elizabeth Lewis Recommends Michael Burman

Attorney Burman: I am just getting home from a church conference. It is a conference that I was unable to attend last year, because of the pain and headaches I was experiencing from my car accident. Even though there are still days of stiffness and slight pain, I am grateful that I have come this far!

I am just opening my mail and am in receipt of a Final Settlement letter and final check distribution from you.

I just wanted to let you know how MUCH I appreciate your help and the help of your staff in helping me to settle my case!

Most of all- I would like to thank you for listening to my complaints of pain that I shared with you in my e-mails. The pain was something I had never experienced and pray that I will not experience again.

I appreciate you taking time to hear my case and sticking with me until the end. I have shared your professionalism and support with members of my family and close friends. I pray to never be in another accident, but it is a good feeling knowing that there is a local attorney that is willing to hear your case and one who will help you get a fair settlement. I feel you have done that for me!

Please let your staff know how much I appreciate their help.
May God bless you!

– Elizabeth Lewis