This article provides a general overview on case valuation.  This article addresses:

  • Important Considerations
  • Methodology

Case value, first and foremost, requires a thorough investigation.  At Burman Law, the investigation is managed by an attorney.  The investigation gathers convincing evidence of injury, along with convincing evidence of harms and losses.  The nature and extent of injury, coupled with the impact on your way of life, are documented and quantified to prove your harms and losses.  At Burman Law, we have been sorting through evidence for 25+ years.  We know where to look for “leads” that reveal hidden evidence.  We know how to secure a report from your doctor that provides a complete and accurate diagnosis of your injury that may not be in your medical records.  We know how to photograph your injury and video your story.  We know what to ask witnesses.  We have the experts to understand your harms and losses, not just today, but over your lifetime.

Case value is not going to come from an insurance adjuster, because an insurance adjuster is never going to tell you all that is needed to value your case.   If you don’t give certain information to the insurance adjuster, then the insurance adjuster will not ask for it, nor will the insurance adjuster go out and look for all the evidence that supports your case.  At Burman Law, we find evidence the adjuster must consider when valuing your case.

Our methodology for determining case value combines experience with good ground work so your demand letter to the insurance adjuster is clear and convincing.  From the beginning of your case, Burman Law will walk with you, and gather for you, the real information and documentation needed for a strong demand letter.  Our settlement method is tested over 25+ years and is based on best practices taught Burman Law by a former insurance company executive.  Burman Law knows how insurance adjusters evaluate cases using sophisticated computer programs that run algorithms based on “multipliers” and “value drivers.”  Early on, Burman Law will help you understand how you can increase the value of your case.  Our experience helps you reach the highest and best valuation in your case.  And if the insurance adjuster does not accept the true value of your case, then Burman Law will advise you to walk away from the amount offered.

Burman Law will develop a plan of action for your case.  Before a settlement is made, you will know the dollar value of your case.  You will have control over the decision to accept or reject any settlement offer.  Burman Law will advise you on the risks and benefits of taking a settlement versus rejecting a settlement, so you make the best decision about your case.

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