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Business Vehicles

Business Vehicles

Let's talk about motor vehicle collisions caused by careless drivers of business vehicles.

Mike Burman

A typical business vehicle is a service truck or service van with the logo of the business on the vehicle.  The driver of a business vehicle is not required to carry a commercial driver's license.

The driver of a semi-truck and trailer, or 18 wheeler, is required by law to carry a valid commercial driver's license (CCL), but the driver of a business vehicle is usually not required to carry a CDL.  Many times, these drivers are poorly trained and inexperienced.  Many times, we see these drivers overworked and insufficiently rested for work.

When you are injured by a driver who works for a business, the business owner has a legal responsibility to you for that employee's carelessness.  Most businesses have insurance to pay for the carelessness caused to you by an employee.

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