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Every personal injury or and wrongful death case involves insurance.  Insurance questions involve:

  • What is the amount of insurance coverage available?
  • Who is covered?
  • What is covered?
  • What is required to open a claim?
  • What is required to pay a claim?
  • When is the insurance company acting in bad faith?

Try reading an insurance policy.  It is very confusing.  Without an experienced attorney, the insurance company and insurance adjuster hold a distinct advantage.  Burman Law holds 25+ years of experience in insurance law.

How do you know when an insurance company acts in bad faith?  An insurance company acts in bad faith when:

  • it refuses to acknowledge facts not reasonably in dispute
  • it intends to deceive or grossly misrepresent
  • it denies the “benefit of the bargain”
  • it unreasonably subjects its insured to an adverse result

At Burman Law, we demand the insurance company correctly apply the law to the facts of your case.  We know when an insurance adjuster is crossing the line between good faith and bad faith.  Our objective is to protect you by making sure your claim is valued correctly.

Every case is unique.  Does more than one policy apply?  Which insurance policy pays first when more than one policy applies?  What about uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?  What about med-pay for deductibles or personal injury protection coordination with workers' compensation coverage?  When should a claim be “bought out” and assigned to a client?

Most health insurance policies have a clause that asserts a lien against any money recovered.  Failure to address this lien could result in a loss of health care benefits for you and other members of your family under that policy.  In other situations – if you are not knowledgeable – you can lose certain types of insurance benefits by not giving notice, or not following certain steps contained in the insurance contract terms.

If you are concerned that your medical bills will far exceed the amount of insurance coverage, so that very little, if anything, will be left for you, then you need to discuss the matter with Burman Law before making decisions about how to proceed.  In many cases, we have significantly reduced or eliminated the amount of reimbursement.  These clients kept more money in their pockets to compensate for their injuries.

Burman Law will develop a Plan of Action for your case.  You never pay an upfront attorney fee or case expense.  We will work together to maximize the available insurance for your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.