February 28, 2023

Case Value - What is my case worth?

Learn about how a personal injury case is valued

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Case Value - What is my case worth?

Case Value - What is my case worth?

This article explains how you can get your personal injury case valued. This article addresses:

  • Important steps
  • Methodology


Step One: Choose an Expert

Case value is not found in some formula on the internet.  Nor is it found by someone telling you they can run a case value in 15 minutes.

If you want to get your case valued correctly then choose an expert in case valuation.  When you get sick, you take the time to contact a trusted doctor.  When your car breaks down, you see a good mechanic.  If carelessness injures you or takes the life of a loved one, you hire an expert personal injury lawyer.  If you do not know a personal injury lawyer, then do some homework.  Read the Google reviews for that attorney.  Look at the expert attorney's website.  Is the website set up as a tool to help you, or is it just a dressed up advertisement?

Step Two: Determine How Your Expert Injury Attorney is Going to Work with You

Communication is crucial in every personal injury case evaluation.  Does the expert injury lawyer listen to you and contact you regularly?  Does the injury attorney participate in the investigation of your case or leave everything to non-lawyers?  How is the attorney set up to communicate with you?  Does the personal injury lawyer have a secure client portal that allows you access to critical information and documentation 24/7/365?  Can the attorney text and email?  Is the personal injury attorney's staff experienced and concerned about your needs?

Step Three: Make a Demand on the Insurance Adjuster that is Written Correctly

Insurance company adjusters must put a dollar value on your injury or wrongful death case.  Think about that, a dollar amount is paid for pain, suffering or death.  That is a difficult job to do.  And to do that job, the insurance company adjuster must have a written report form your injury attorney that “demands” your case be fully valued.  This report is often called a “demand” or a “demand letter.”  The insurance company adjuster is not going to sit down with you and explain all the “ins” and “outs” for writing your demand letter.  Your expert injury lawyer must do that for you.  And here is the tricky part that many injury lawyers miss: your demand letter must be written using language, codes and phrases familiar to insurance company case evaluators.


Our methodology for determining full case value combines training and experience with good evidence, so your demand letter to the insurance adjuster is clear and convincing.  It is not enough to make a written claim of “pain and suffering” in a demand letter.  You must “back it up” with credible evidence familiar and trusted by insurance company adjusters.  Our office is constantly training on what variables, facts, phrases, codes and inputs an insurance company adjuster will likely use when determining case value.  We are trained to specifically “bring out” facts that multiply the value of your case.

All this foundation work is done as the case develops.  Your expert injury attorney helps guide you.  This is why communication is so crucial.

Before a settlement is made at Burman Law, you will know the full dollar value of your case.  You will have control over the decision to accept or reject any settlement offer.  Burman Law will advise you on the risks and benefits of taking a settlement versus rejecting a settlement, so you make the best decision for you or your loved one.

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