February 28, 2023

The Portal: A great tool for Burman Law clients

Learn about the benefits of the Burman Law client portal.

The Portal: A great tool for Burman Law clients

The Burman Law Client Portal provides:

  • confidential messaging
  • document uploads
  • client updates
  • calendar of important dates

Activation is simple.  Email jennifer@burmanlaw.com to receive an activation invitation.  Follow the instructions.  Be sure to save the user name and password.

When Burman Law sends a message through the portal, or uploads a document, the client is notified via text and email containing a link to the portal.  Likewise, when the client sends a message or uploads a document, Burman Law is notified.

The portal can be accessed directly at burmanlaw.com/Client Portal.

When sending a message or uploading an attachment intended for a specific attorney or staff person, be sure to specify which attorney or staff person.

Advise Burman Law of any new mobile number or changes in email address.

Lack of communication can weaken a case.  Good communication builds a case.  At Burman Law, we  learn from 25+ years of experience, and our clients learn from us.

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