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Bad Drugs

Bad Drugs

I handle bad drug cases.

Mike Burman

It probably started at the emergency room.  The ER is the last place you wanted to be.  You thought the drug prescribed for you would help you.  Not true.

Things have changed.  You want your life back, but what can you do?  A bad drug has changed your life.  You have a personal injury case caused by a bad drug.

You have questions.  What can be done?  Who will pay your medical bills? What happens if you cannot work?  What can you do?

Do not throw away any of the paperwork you received when you purchased the “bad” drug. Save your prescriptions and prescription bottles.

Bad drug cases are complicated and must be carefully evaluated and developed.  Mike will personally examine your medical records and the medical literature available to determine the best way to handle your bad drug case.   Mike will decide on the experts needed to preserve and develop your case.  Depending on the case, Mike will also engage trusted, competent experts with backgrounds relevant to the drug that injured you.

My name is Mike Burman.  I will develop a plan of action for your case.  We will work together to win your case.  You do not need any money to hire me. I look forward to hearing from you.