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Motor Vehicle Injuries And Trucking Cases

Motor Vehicle Injuries And Trucking Cases

"My primary practice area is the complex motor vehicle collision involving major injuries or death."  Mike Burman

Car accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Semi-truck and heavy truck accidents

What We Do:
  • An Action Plan for you and your case. 
  • Personally visit the scene of every case involving wrongful death or a serious personal injury
  • Years of experience with motorcycle, automobile, rental vehicles, heavy trucks, and semi tractor-trailer cases.
  • Experts needed to preserve and develop the evidence.
Our Experts Include:
  • A certified private investigator
  • An automobile accident reconstructionist with 20+ years of experience
  • A semi-truck accident reconstructionist who holds a CDL along with 20+ years of experience
  • A professional photographer and videographer to name a few
  • A nurse consultant with many years of experience
  • An economist with 25+ years of experience
  • A vocational expert with more than 25+ years of experience
  • Experts with backgrounds in brain injury, orthopedics, neurosurgery and forensic science
What Does Burman Law Do with the Evidence?

Once  evidence from the scene is secure, we use information technologies to transform this evidence into a visual representation of your collision that shows the harms and losses behind your injuries. Our in-house media service prepares professional digital charts, blowups, and videos while keeping costs under control. Our goal is to communicate your case so that anyone can “feel” what happened and “understand” what should be done to right the wrong done to you. We work to provide the  insurance adjuster a thorough evaluation of your case so you achieve a full and fair out of court settlement.  But if you must file suit, Burman Law will help  prepare your case for trial. At trial, we will visualize your case to the jury, so the jury understands exactly what happened to you, and how your life changed. In this way, the jury has the power to right the wrong done to you.

How Can You Hire Burman Law?

You need no money to hire Burman Law.  Click here for an explanation of fees and expenses.

Why Hire Mike Burman?

"I know how insurance companies value and settle cases. Insurance companies settle cases based on sophisticated computer software programs. My staff and I have special training to recognize and properly document the value drivers and multipliers within these sophisticated computer software programs. I have years of experience with all types of first and third-party insurance claims. I do not guess what your case is worth, but determine the value of your case based on computer-generated valuations backed by years of experience. When you work with me and my staff, you will understand your injury so you can secure an accurate diagnosis of your injuries.  My staff and I keep you informed through the Burman Law Client Portal. At all times, you are in complete control to accept or reject a settlement offer, but I will always explain to you the range of values for your particular case."  Mike Burman