A Work Excuse Proves You Were Not “Stuck in the House”

What is a work excuse? A work excuse is a document. It is usually a piece of paper.  Sometimes a work excuse is called a Disability Statement or a Statement of Work Limitations.

Most work excuses are prepared and signed by a doctor.  A work excuse explains your physical limitations.  A work excuse sets out what you can and cannot do either at work or at home.  A work excuse documents the fact that you are disabled from your job.  The work excuse should indicate whether you are totally disabled from working, or partially disabled from working.  At minimum, you want the work excuse to:

  1.  Be signed and dated by your treating doctor.
  2.  List your job related physical limitations.
  3.  State how long your physical limitations will last.
  4.  Clearly indicate whether you can, or cannot, return to your job.

Make Sure to Give Me a Copy of All Work Excuses

After providing your employer with a copy of your work excuse, make sure to give me a copy of your work excuse.  You can email me your work excuse, using the Upload widget within this website.

When your work excuse ends, ask your doctor for another work excuse if you need it.   Keep your employer informed about when you will be able to return to work.

Contact me anytime you have questions or you are concerned about keeping your job.”  Mike Burman.

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