Meet Our Attorneys


My name is Mike Burman

Attorney at Law, Dede Grabara

Сame to Burman Law in 2005.  Dede handles the probate estate within a wrongful death case.  In injury cases, Dede handles conservatorships for injured minors, guardianships for the parents of injured children, special needs trusts for injured minors or adults, as well as Medicare set asides.

Paralegal Lee Gibbs

Started with Burman Law in 1988.  Lee is trained and experienced in insurance company settlement demand drafting and negotiations, accident investigation, medical review, medical reports, medical coding, witness investigation, preparing litigation documents and assisting with trial preparation and presentation.

Paralegal Desiree Halcomb

Started with Burman Law in 1995. In addition to managing the firm’s checking and trust accounts, Desiree has extensive experience with medical bills, health insurance claims, subrogation claims, medical liens and reimbursement claims. Desiree routinely deals with Medicaid, Medicare, TennCare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, Anthem, United, Mailhandlers and various other ERISA Plans and non-ERISA health administrators. Desiree is the office manager and responsible for maintaining our computer systems and office training. She also assists with trial preparation and presentation.

Paralegal Jennifer Heltsley

Recently joined Burman Law in 2017.  Jennifer requests medical records, reports, medical bills and other documentation to support a case.  She gathers tax returns, pay stubs, cell phone records, photographs, witness statements, property damage estimates, and anything else that proves harms and losses.  Jennifer then takes this documentation to build summaries and case reviews to support a settlement demand to the insurance company.

Paralegal Diane Boley

Diane is a paralegal and works on various aspects of your case.  Diane Boley has more than 30 years of experience. She joined the Burman Law team in 2006. Diane worked for a number of prominent attorneys before Burman Law. Her wide ranging experience cuts across many areas of law.  Diane assists clients with medical progress notes and keeps the adjuster assigned to the case informed of medical care and progress.

Brooke Alfaro is the personal legal assistant

To Michael Burman.  Brooke handles client emergencies and day to day scheduling.