TRIAL PREPARATION: Discovering the Story in Your Case

At Burman Law, we want to tell the story behind our client’s injury or loss of a loved one.  Trial preparation begins when a case first comes into the office.  We preserve and collect evidence that is available to us.  But what about evidence in the possession of the at-fault party?  The at-fault party will not voluntarily provide this evidence, and so, once the lawsuit is filed and litigation begins, the law provides tools Burman Law uses to dig deeper and “discover” more facts about the case.  Burman Law customizes these tools to issue subpoenas, force the admission of facts, gather documentation the at-fault party refuses to provide, and take depositions to cross-examine the at-fault party.

Trial preparation involves:

  • Subpoenas to gather information from third parties
  • Depositions of witnesses and parties
  • Requests for admissions
  • Requests for production of documents
  • Requests for designations of corporate witnesses with knowledge on certain subjects
  • Interrogatories

At Burman Law, we use Case Map software and Needles Case Management software to create links to the information and documentation that comes to us.  We also use the Burman Law Client Portal so our clients have 24/7 confidential access to key parts of their cases and can actively participate in trial preparation, so the the story about what happened is told truthfully and forcefully.

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