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TRIAL BY JURY: An Easy to Understand Outline

Injury or Wrongful Death Trial Kentucky or Tennessee

  • The Judge enters Courtroom; everyone stands out of respect for the rule of law.
  • Judge or Court Clerk calls potential Jurors who take seat in jury box.
  • Attorneys on both sides question potential Jurors.
  • Jurors are chosen and seated; those not chosen are allowed to leave.
  • Attorneys give opening arguments; the party bringing the lawsuit goes first.
  • The party bringing the lawsuit puts on evidence and enters exhibits.
  • The party defending the lawsuit puts on evidence and enters exhibits .
  • After all evidence is presented, the Attorneys for each side give closing arguments but this time, the party defending the lawsuit goes first.
  • After closing arguments, the Judge instructs the Jury on the law.
  • The Jury deliberates in the jury room over the jury instructions and evidence.
  • Once the Jury reaches a verdict, the verdict is read by the Judge.
  • The Attorneys are allowed to make legal arguments regarding the verdict.
  • The Judge enters the verdict onto the Court records.
  • Lastly, the Judge dismisses the Jury and thanks them for their service.
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