INVESTIGATION: What Is Involved?

Investigation at Burman Law is customized to each case.  Ordinarily, we secure police reports, verify insurance, interview witnesses, send out a private investigator, and hire other outside experts to preserve evidence.

Time is of the essence in any investigation.  Do not delay in contacting Burman Law if you are injured.

Semi-truck and trailer cases  involve highly specialized experts.   Communication with the trucking company to preserve evidence from routine destruction must be put in writing.

Closed circuit TV is very common, but recordings are routinely deleted after short periods of time.  Quick action is required to preserve this invaluable visual recording of the injury event.

Your medical records, social media and other sources of information must be reviewed to determine any effect on your case.  We routinely perform Case Reviews where we prepare medical histories for a diagnosis and prognosis of you injury.  In your medical records, we look for inconsistencies or incomplete statements your medical care providers may have left in your medical records.  Unfortunately, many medical care providers are in a hurry and do not fill out your medical records accurately.

Contact Burman Law if you have questions about how to handle the investigation of a personal injury case.  We are glad to help, and anything you tell us will be kept confidential.



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