When you are seriously injured, or facing death, air ambulance transport is crucial.  Sometimes, air transport may be the only way to overcome snarled Nashville traffic.

But, receiving a $45,000 bill for the flight from Clarksville, Tennessee to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville is not in your monthly budget.  What do you do?

Let me give you a few things to think about.

First, I am not connected to the AirMedCare Network.  I don’t own stock in this company.  I am not paid by this company in any fashion.

Secondly, I post on this subject because I see first-hand how the high cost of air ambulance transport can affect the amount of money my client takes home from a case.  My job is to right a wrong.  But what happens when my client is injured in an automobile wreck, and the at-fault driver carries $50,000 of insurance to pay an air ambulance bill of $45,000?  Right off the bat, the amount of money I can recover for my client is at risk.

for residents of Tennessee and Kentucky, I recommend you consider purchasing a membership from the AirMedCare Network.  You can join for as little as $65.oo per year.   Family members in your household are included in this one year $65 fee, provided you name them in your membership application.

In addition, I also recommend that you purchase at least $100,000 of underinsured motorist coverage.   So many careless drivers have insufficient amounts of insurance, or worse, no insurance.  Underinsurance protects you against such drivers.





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