“MEDICAL PLATEAU”: What Does It Mean for the Case?

Medical Maximum Diagnosis and Stability.burman law

Once injuries are fully diagnosed and relatively stable, what does Burman Law do next?

This article explains:
  • the term “medical plateau”
  • typical steps taken in a case after medical plateau is reached
Every case goes through phases.  The first phase – the acute trauma phase – begins when the injury occurs.  In the acute trauma phase, the patient is rushed to the Emergency Room (ER). At the ER, some injuries are inadequately addressed, or missed altogether.  ER patients must be “triaged,” with the heart attack victim getting more attention than someone less critical. But over time, as medical professionals provide quality treatment, an injury case evolves from the acute trauma phase, into the medical plateau phase of the case.  In the medical plateau phase, all injuries are identified and all injuries are relatively stable. And so, after the medical plateau phase of the case, Burman Law begins gathering information and supporting documentation to establish:
  • diagnostic codes
  • medical bills for past charges
  • prognosis (how the injury will progress over time)
  • impairment (how the injury will affect physical function)
  • lost earning capacity (how the injury will affect future income)
  • future medical expenses (how much future medical services will cost)
After the above information and documentation is gathered, a settlement demand letter is prepared for the case.  A settlement demand letter outlines the claim for the adjuster in charge.  The settlement demand letter sets forth, in writing, the medical evidence of injury, and proof of damages resulting from the injury.  

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