At Burman Law, Mike and the Team believe our good name is worth more than any amount of advertising. Since we don’t advertise on TV, we better take good care of our clients! And so, client testimonials are extremely important to us. Below are actual testimonials received from our clients.

I appreciate the smooth process.

Annette Williams

I was very happy that everyone at Burman Law communicated with me in a way that I could understand regarding the questions I had during the process of my case.

Sidney Beck

Michael & his staff were great.  Thank you for always being patient with me when I had so many questions.  Great Job!

Robin Dorsey

Michael Burman and his staff were always there when I needed them.  They were behind me 100%.

Mona Hollis

Very impressed.  Your staff was wonderful.

Mary Kent

My experience was a good one.  I have never dealt with attorneys before and didn’t know what to expect.  Mr. Burman and his office made me feel comfortable and I felt confident I made the right decision consulting them

S. D. Robinson

Michael & his staff were great.  Thank you for always being patient with me when I had so many questions.  Great Job!

Robin Dorsey

Michael Burman and his staff were always there when I needed them.  They were behind me 100%.

Mona Hollis

Dear Mike,
Here is what I have to say and should have sent to you and thanked you in writing a long time ago. As we still struggle every day to make sense of why this happened we very much appreciated the help you and your staff extended us at all times throughout the whole process.
Through a tragedy we found Burman Law Office to not just be a Law Office. They were more than that – they were kind, considerate, and very understanding. They helped us make the right decisions for all concerned and guided us throughout a process that we had no idea how to handle. They seemed to understand and respect the fact that we were in so much pain from the loss of our child, and yet they were in a State we ourselves had only driven through a few times in our lives. It has been almost three years since the accident and we are still in contact with them and one of their staff has been such a godsend to us. Her friendship means so much to me and yet she didn’t have to even acknowledge us once the legal matters were resolved. Mr Burman’s thoroughness and professionalism, as well as each person there that we dealt with, was superb to say the least. And they made us feel this was personal to them as well, and when you grieve from the loss of a child there is nothing that can ever be more personally devastating to anyone. The first time I spoke with Mr Burman, he gave me his personal cell phone number to call anytime. We were so pleased that our daughter’s case mattered that much to him – that he was taking it that personal by giving us his number. I am sorry we needed their services, but I am not sorry we chose them to handle everything. I would, without the slightest hesitation, recommend Mike Burman, DeDe, Brandi, and all the staff at Burman Law Office to handle any case you may need them for.
May God Bless you all for your caring and compassion

Jeanne Miller

Mr. Burman and his staff are very professional and attentive to their clients and meet any requests in an efficient manner. Their computer skills are the future of accident law. It has been a pleasure to have them on my team. Thanks for everything!

Tammy Hayes

Mr. Burman has restored our faith in lawyers…..Thank you so much.

Delbert Cobb

The professionalism of this office was well delivered. The well organized office staff were versed in legal matters that pertained to me directly and fast to respond to any and all questions that I had. A very satisfied client.

Lloyd Young

Mr. Burman I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for my family. I am glad I chose you that day for my family. We are still having a hard time. This weekend will be hard on my family since it will be one year since the accident.

Glenn Holmes

To Michael and the team at Burman Law:
We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for the exceptional service and treatment you showed us. From dealing with police reports to insurance claims to medical bills, Michael and the whole team exceeded all of our expectations. After being hit head on by an uninsured driver, we thought that our legal options were pretty limited. Fortunately, you showed us possibilities that we didn’t know we had and carefully walked us through the process of taking legal action. As a result, we received a fair settlement with a limited amount of aggravation and stress on our part. Having chosen Burman Law out of the local phone book, we didn’t really know what kind of service we’d be getting. But the professionalism, knowledge and experience of the team quickly put us at ease and let us know that we’d made the right decision. We honestly hope that we never again have need for a personal injury lawyer, but if we did we wouldn’t hesitate to contact the team at Burman Law or recommend that our friends and family do the same.
Best Regards, Steve and Leah Doyle

Stephen & Leah

I am amazed that you were able to reduce almost $250,000.00 worth of medical bills down to a $100 copay. Thank you again!

Leanna Kenner

All staff was very friendly and helpful. Brandi Anderson was a delight to work with during this case. Thomas and I really appreciate her kindness and professionalism.

Tommy & Tricia

Attorney Burman: I am just getting home from a church conference. It is a conference that I was unable to attend last year, because of the pain and headaches I was experiencing from my car accident. Even though there are still days of stiffness and slight pain, I am grateful that I have come this far!

I am just opening my mail and am in receipt of a Final Settlement letter and final check distribution from you.

I just wanted to let you know how MUCH I appreciate your help and the help of your staff in helping me to settle my case!

Most of all- I would like to thank you for listening to my complaints of pain that I shared with you in my e-mails. The pain was something I had never experienced and pray that I will not experience again.

I appreciate you taking time to hear my case and sticking with me until the end. I have shared your professionalism and support with members of my family and close friends. I pray to never be in another accident, but it is a good feeling knowing that there is a local attorney that is willing to hear your case and one who will help you get a fair settlement. I feel you have done that for me!

Please let your staff know how much I appreciate their help.
May God bless you!

Elizabeth Lewis

I had a wonderful experience. Mr. Burman and his staff treated me with the utmost respect. Out of all the attorneys that I’ve had in the past, I’ve never had one that kept me as informed as their office did. There was never a time that I was wondering what was taking place in my case. Thank you so very much.

Susan Lara

Michael Burman is a very good lawyer. Thanks to his service I’m at school now and I’m so thankful for him and people who work for him.”

These are actual testimonials from real clients in their own words. We have posted these testimonials after receiving permission from our clients to do so.v

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