ACTION PLAN: Why Is It Important?

This articles discusses the Burman Law Action Plan:

  • What is an “action plan?”
  • When is an action plan created?
  • What does an action plan do?

Case preparation depends on good communication between client and lawyer.  Trust between client and lawyer starts with good communication.  Trust builds confidence and understanding.  Taking positive action is the best remedy against the stress of injury and wrongful death.

At Burman Law, good communication, trust and taking action are what we do to “right the wrong”.  Every client knows what to expect and what to do first.  And so, we prepare an action plan for the first steps in a case.

In the action plan, Burman Law attorney, Mike Burman, will outline the immediate steps for a strong case.  This action plan is created at the beginning of a case.  It is customized for the individual legal needs of each client.  No two action plans are exactly the same.

Action plans are simple with practical, easy to understand steps, that address real world legal problems and issues.  Each action plan is based on 25+ years of experience and hundreds of cases.  Actions plans are designed to be used with the Burman Law Client Portal.




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